Unregistered Australian Health Provider Ordered
to Stop Misleading Cancer Patients

Queensland Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading
News Release, April 23, 2009

A Mackay woman who made misleading and deceptive claims about a mineral supplement has been ordered by the Brisbane Supreme Court to discontinue providing intravenous treatment to cancer patients.

Minister for Fair Trading Peter Lawlor said unregistered health provider Jillian Margaret Newlands was caught administering a concoction made from a mixture of citric acid and sodium chlorite to cancer sufferers and claiming the product cured cancer.

“The Office of Fair Trading was alerted to Ms. Newland’s activities following a Health Quality Complaints Commission investigation. The Office of Fair Trading sought an injunction under the Fair Trading Act 1989 to prevent her from misleading and deceiving consumers,” Mr. Lawlor said.

Ms. Newlands has no formal qualifications as a nurse or naturopath,” Mr. Lawlor said. “Ms Newlands went so far as to inject her ‘patients’ with a ‘miracle mineral supplement’ while dishonestly promoting its benefits with no scientific basis for her claims. The court order obtained by the Office of Fair Trading banned Ms. Newlands from administering any substance intravenously and supplying any goods, services or any other substance which has not been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration."

“Ms. Newlands was ordered to pay court costs of more than $12,000 and has also been restrained from making any claims she is able to treat, cure, or benefit any person suffering from cancer” he said. “She charged cancer sufferers up to $2,000 for treatment services she administered in her home garage and went so far as to advise one cancer patient not to pursue chemotherapy treatment."

“There was no evidence of any sterile handling techniques or any proper storage of medical utensils and equipment used by Ms. Newlands at her home. “This sort of deceptive conduct is completely unacceptable.

If consumers have concerns in regards to their dealings with Jillian Newlands, they should visit their nearest healthcare professional immediately.

This page was posted on August 18, 2009.

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